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The technical advantages of European type grinding mill to grind clay minerals

LGD 2021/03/08

1. Aiming at the characteristics of clay minerals such as high water content, strong cohesiveness and easy moisture absorption, the European type grinding mill optimizes the main machine grinding device and the structure of the blade to increase the output and no large particles appear in the finished product.

2. Equipped with a cage turbine classifier, unique flow field design and constant gas-solid concentration control technology, so that the finished ore powder has a uniform output size without large particles, and ensures the long-term stable operation of the system.

3. The ingenious arc-shaped air duct, the airflow resistance is small, the internal outlet direction is conducive to the dispersion of the material, especially for the clay minerals with strong cohesiveness, it is not easy to block the material.

4. The beautiful arc-shaped appearance design highlights the humanity and reduces the risk factor of manual operation.

5. According to the proportion of clay mineral impurities, the mill system designs a slag discharge device at a reasonable position, which has high slag discharge efficiency, effectively controls the purity of the finished product and improves product quality.

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